APILAM sponsors the “Breastfeeding in public" photo prize

Winning photo of the 2014
APILAM "Breastfeeding in public” prize
- The “Breastfeeding in public" prize consists of 600€ and a copy of the book  Tú eres la mejor madre del mundo (You are the best mother in the world), signed by the author, the pediatrician José María Paricio.

-The prize sponsored by APILAM is part of the 20th "Marina Alta Breastfeeding" photo competition, with more than 6,000€ distributed over 17 prizes.

For the third year running, APILAM is participating in the 20th "Marina Alta Breastfeeding" photo competition organized by Grup Nodrissa, sponsoring the "Breastfeeding in public” prize of 600€ and a copy of the book Tú eres la mejor madre del mundo (You are the best mother in the world), signed by the author, the pediatrician José María Paricio.

With the "Breastfeeding in public” prize, the not-for-profit organization APILAM seeks to contribute to the normalization and visibility of breastfeeding in public places: in a shop, a bank, a conference, a public swimming pool, a waiting-room, at a circus, in an airport, at a demonstration, in a queue at the market or a polling station, in a television studio, in Parliament

It is little wonder that many women and their babies are discriminated against for exercising a right, to breastfeed in public.

The “Marina Alta Breastfeeding” photo competition has 17 prizes sponsored by associations, city councils, businesses, support groups and the Valencian government.

Photos will be accepted until 31st March and the prizes will be given on 18th June 2016.  The rules of the competition and the participation form can be found here and here.

We require funding in order to continue our research and dissemination. You can collaborate with the project by donating to e-lactancia.org

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