Happy new year, happy breastfeeding

APILAM wishes you a very happy new year full of successful, happy and informed breastfeeding with the silk-screen print “Midnight feeding” by the Inuit artist Mary Okheena.

“Midnight feeding”(1991) forms part of the Telasmos museum collection, one of APILAM’s projects which seeks to collect everything which represents or is related to breastfeeding: stamps, coins, paintings, sculptures, advertizing, health pamphlets, posters, photos…

In 2015 the APILAM team updated 229 products  in e-lactancia.org, APILAM’s e-health project on the compatibility of breastfeeding with medical procedures, medicines and other products, and participated in more than 40 conferences, congresses, workshops and courses about breastfeeding for health and non-health professionals, and for mothers and fathers.

In 2015 the e-lactancia.org website received  more than 9 million consultations carried out by more than a million and half individuals.

In addition, APILAM’s pediatricians have answered via email an average of ten daily personalized consultations on the compatibility of breastfeeding with plants, diseases, medicines and other products.

In 2016 APILAM will continue to update the e-lactancia.org website, disseminating information about the goodness and beauty of breastfeeding, as well as seeking funding to ensure that our project to promote, protect and raise awareness on breastfeeding is sustainable on a long term basis.

Happy new year, happy breastfeeding and many thanks to all the individuals, associations and institutions who have supported APILAM’s project with their backing and donations.

Dr. José María Paricio Talayero

President of APILAM

We require funding in order to continue our research and dissemination. You can collaborate with the project by donating to e-lactancia.org

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