The president of Apilam in the Spanish TV show Salvados

On Sunday February 10 at 21.30 LaSexta Television will be broadcast on a new program of Salvados hich will address the consequences of the privatization of the public health in Spain.

On Sunday February 10 at 21.30 in LaSexta, Salvados discuss the privatization of Spanish Health.

This fact, in itself sufficient to speak of it in this blog for its impact, becomes more important when one is interviewed by Jordi Évole is Dr. José María Paricio, president of APILAM and former head of Pediatrics at Hospital de Denia Marina Alta, one of the privatized departments by the Valencian Agency of Health.

We take this news to announce that we have been working for months preparing our website at APILAM.org

We open portal! Be sure to visit it at apilam.org

On our website you can learn the upcoming talks, workshops, courses and events that will take place. You can learn the training courses we teach, read monographs that answer common questions related with breastfeeding, access to our sites and apps about medical prescription compatibility with breastfeeding drugs and more.

You'll have access to our web resources about breastfeeding and drug compatibility and monographs on our FAQ section.
The content of the website (and appearance, in some cases) will be updated every day. We also want to be a channel of communication with mothers and professionals, so we have enabled e-mails so you can contact our clinicians.

You can see our upcoming events and follow us through the major social networks.

Get to know the courses and workshops we teach.

We hope you like both Salvados and our portal!

Author: Javier Vicente - PhD in computer engineering. APILAM member and developer of apilam.org and LACTATION.

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